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ダイバースな街は多岐にわたる価値観があるから、ゴールに到達するやり方もまちまちで、何が問題になっているのかが分かりにくい。だからプロジェクトを成功させようとする時、効率的にProblem finding、Problem solvingをするために、シンプルで、単刀直入なコミュニケーションがとても大切になってくる。人の言い分というのは、少しでも歪曲しようとする人がいればいるほど、混乱してProblem findingが遅くなるから。

Renovate our values in diverse city (English translation by ChatGPT3.5)

My father taught me the joy of sales and marketing. He may not have been an outstanding marketer, but he always came home from work and talked us enthusiastically about how things went well and how sales is about solving customers’ problems. That’s why I find myself wanting to sell and promote the things I love, even though I don’t receive any returning. It’s important to have an entrepreneurial spirit and always strive to build up your own business, as my father taught me. I feel it’s a valuable lesson and I believe that by working hard for yourself, you can ultimately benefit everyone else.

In a diverse city, there are various values and ways of achieving goals, so it can be difficult to identify the problems. Therefore, when trying to make a project successful, simple and straightforward communication is crucial for efficient problem finding and solving. The more people try to distort someone else’s opinion, the more confusion there is and the slower problem finding becomes.

If we establish a social norm of incorporating the values of people who are taking the first step, seeking adventure, or trying to change into positivity, it could lead to the development of the community in the future. If we always communicate with love and understanding, even if someone has a different way of doing things, we can accept good things and renovate our values.

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