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Almost everyone wants to communicate naturally with anyone who are nearby or close to. Naturally means like this. If you try to talk to someone of new face, you try to talk about today’s weather. But somehow you recognize that the person might have known you from a few words that you and the person communicated. But you would know that the person doesn’t manipulate you. There would be some reason that the person doesn’t want to talk about. Because you can recognize that the person speaks very sincere and interesting. You would want to talk more about what you are. You would be going to speak about the idea or feeling about these days etc. Both of you would be having good time. But one thing you hate to see is that the person still tries hiding to have known you. Both of you understand there would be something that must be solved. —

Each communication for human relationship should be naturally managed by oneself.

2024, Dec, 17

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