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Life Design created with self-expectations (English Translation by ChatGPT3.5)

Life is always moving forward, and sometimes we have to take a break. I paused making sandwiches, which I enjoyed so much since a family member may have fallen serious ill or I may have reached an age where I need to take extra care of himself. But the act of making sandwiches and selling them on display in the supermarket appealed to me. I think the key here is that I enjoyed it. When we enjoy doing something, we put our heart and soul into it! I liked the time I spent with my teammates, where we had serious conversations sometimes, but laughed together without feeling any difference in our races. Although there were tough atmosphere, I reminded myself that anything is stepping stone that would lead to a sense of success. I want to continue living a life where I act based on my own expectations, not others’, where I learn and grow with thriving. That’s what I’m thinking about these days.

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