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I, mom also want to work! We need to update our minds. (English Translation by ChatGPT3.5)

t has been six years since I moved to Canada. It all started with the Vancouver RV caravan trial stay in 2011, and since then, I became a permanent resident. Honestly I was impressed by the clear document for moving and encouraged by the photos of diverse people working positively on the government website. Since last year, our household has four working members, so we plan to work hard without hesitation. The labor force may increase, and we may receive gratitude. However, I feel that both Canada and Japan are not effectively utilizing workers with our kind of experience. I think people’s hearts are still not catching up. I want people who have some kind of power from their years of experience to add true competitiveness to a diverse society. To increase productivity in each person’s area of expertise, we need to update our minds, including ourselves.

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