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Hope my story makes somebody’s life safe 🟠My Substack Update

This is my first post as my mini manifesto.

I am writing here for joy and for easier communication with you. Because when I talk to you in person, I probably might be less talkative. Then chances are we do not understand well. So I came up with the idea that the writing here would make us communicate better. I wish so.

I’m from Japan. We have a lot of delicacy, beautiful mountains and ocean in Japan. But one thing I dislike is earthquake. There was the massive earthquakes in 2011 in Fukushima. Although I was living in Tokyo, it was a kind of Wake Up Call.

It was a Wake Up Call for change our Life Designing. At that time, 3000people moved to southern part of Japan. People’s mindset on Life Designing has been shifting. Talking about us, we went to RV trip to Canada for then. And 5years later we moved to Canada.

There, I was glad to study in college, majoring Hospitality Services Management. I was curious to know about services in English, cause I was an attendant in flight before. Long story short, what I studied in Canadian college made us stay in Canada with family, which is I think very good conditions. One wish by mom who were bringing up kids in away home country is to let them keep growing fine with joy and resiliency.

I’ll write soon. Hope you subscribe me!

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