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🟠My Substack update “It was first time to be afraid of being growing at that time. Now I reconfirmed that I’m willing to embrace being growing.”

This is my self-talk after moving to Vancouver, Canada as a mom, student, and worker in the one of most diversity community from Japan.

Positivity and curiosity to learn new skills, with those in mind, I had been having spending time as my younger self. However, some years ago, I bumped into the idea that I failed in the hole because of my positivity, openness, and curiosity. It seemed to me that more and more I worked hard, less, and less I felt the moment that things went well.

I was always thinking “What is this?”

But if I expressed it with louder voice, it worked opposite.

To tell the truth, I had a time only to pursue the maintenance of my psychology.

To be motivated was my motivation. I was seeking a light to know why I need to think this way. At that time, I was about to lose my positivity, openness, or curiosity which need for growth. But after all, I’m able to say now that those are very important. I really can say this because I was listening to Remarkable People Podcast. With the lively discussion by Guy Kawasaki and his guest, I could learn so many wonderful ideas such as Growth Mindset, Turning Negativity into Determination, or Studying Motivation Science etc., etc.

Guy Kawasaki lighted the path to make my life valuable even in bad days. I’m now reading his “Think Remarkable”, which I already found many details that I could relate. Such a happy moments that I could find wisdom and remarkableness in the book. Luckily I found his former book in my local New Westminster’s library. Since then, I’m a big fan of his works.

Thank you for being here with me.

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