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Awesome Glamping

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After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, my family took a six-month break and went on a camping trip across North America in an RV. With the RV, we could travel anywhere while bringing our oven and daily necessities, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Looking back, it wasn’t a sustainable tour since it wasn’t an EV car, but I feel like I learned the importance of daily life, the greatness of nature, the loneliness of people, and the three simple things necessary in life. I hope my children learned the same things. North America has RV parks for camping cars everywhere, including areas by the sea, forests with views of lakes, and even in cities. The important holes that connect electricity, water, and toilets at parking areas were well-maintained, and we saw a great camping car glamping country. It may be difficult to maintain toilet holes in Japan, but there are many clean flush toilets, so I think glamping with camping cars will increase in Japan more and more.


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